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Allswell Homeopathy & Wellness Clinic is owned and run by Dr. Vimala Murali, who holds a Doctorate in Homeopathic Medicines (DHM) awarded by The British Institute of Homeopathy (UK) through their representatives, Singapore Faculty of Homeopathy.

Dr. Vimala is a 3rd generation homeopath. Prior to embarking on her own practice, she has served in homeopathy clinics in Singapore where thousands of patients have received homeopathic care. She continues to serve as a lecturer in Homeopathy and Bach Flower Essences Therapy, besides her homeopathic practice. She is a strong believer that people are synergistic beings operating on various levels concurrently, and that in order to enjoy good health, a person must be well on all of these levels i.e. mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

A lifelong learner, Dr. Vimala is a highly motivated, dynamic, results-oriented professional committed to bringing the best of complementary healthcare services to Singapore. She is passionate about restoring and maintaining total health in her patients, using natural and safe healing modalities, and is highly respected for her thoroughness, dedication and responsibility.


To empower you to realize your own potential for total and best health through gentle, safe and effective healing modalities like homeopathy and complementary therapies.


To enable your body to bring itself to order, rather than to simply correct disorders, by providing personally-tailored treatment, without using toxic/harsh drugs that can have serious side effects.


To provide high quality complementary healthcare for you, with focus on professional service founded upon integrity and understanding.

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