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Singapore has a tropical climate characterised by abundant rainfall and high humidity level (as high as 84%, reaching 100% during prolonged heavy rains). It does not have a distinct dry or wet season.

In recent times, the weather has been changing rapidly even within one day ¨C with hot mornings, and cold rainy afternoons.

Also, the haze from forest fires in Indonesia affected the air quality for some months.







These weather conditions result in many ailments such as recurring or frequent colds and throat problems, influenza, viral fevers, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, musculoskeletal problems like arthritis, etc. The average Singaporean is subjected to wide temperature ranges which may result in many allergic reactions. Also, with the heavy rains, the incidence of dengue fever has increased.

People in Singapore work very hard, for long hours each day, in their pursuit of excellence and to maintain their competitive edge. This leads to high levels of work pressure and stress which results in many disease conditions like high blood pressure, heart problems, sexual dysfunction, fertility problems, diabetes, addictions like smoking, alcoholism, psychological conditions like depression, anxiety disorders, etc. Homeopathy, with its gentle, non-invasive and side-effect-free approach can give excellent results in such conditions.


Homeopathy in Singapore

In Singapore, systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine are very popular. Relatively speaking, Homeopathy is less known but is steadily making inroads. The Singapore government recognises homeopathy as a complementary system of medicine

There are fewer than 50 practitioners of Homeopathy in a population of more than 4 million people in Singapore. The influx of people from other countries like India (where homeopathy is very popular) has created an awareness in Singapore, which is increasing in the local population as well.

More and more people are looking for complementary and alternative systems of medicine with little or no side-effects. Homeopathy is at the forefront in this area, with its focus on bringing about gentle, rapid and permanent cure.

At Allswell, we believe that health is the highest wealth and education is the key to helping people choose appropriate healthcare. We offer talks on homeopathy and complementary systems of medicine, to increase awareness. Please see Upcoming Events for the latest information on this.

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